Welcome to the TMAA-SKAI official website TMAA-SKAI is the fully Shotokan Karate Do Association to help you to further your personal and professional development.

TMAA-SKAI is non-political, and as such, we welcome all karate-ka and dojos who wish to practice advanced Shotokan techniques in an open environment. The purpose and mission of TMAA-SKAI, is to extend traditional karate-do to advanced practitioners and to further understand and develop true bujutsu as seen through functional karate.

TMAA-SKAI is for men, women, and children with all degrees of fitness. For those with competitive aspirations or those who just want to learn good & solid self defence, TMAA-SKAI is not just the perfect choice, it's the only choice. TMAA-SKAI offers the most effective form of self defence. We combine the ancient system of Karate, with modern KARATE to form Sports Karate. We follow International syllabus of Shotokan Karate-Do in all our TMAA-SKAI Dojos in INDIA.

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